App Note

Fragment Based Drug Discovery on Pioneer Systems Using Next Generation SPR Analysis

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Fragment-based drug design (FBDD) has become an increasingly popular platform for the identification of lead candidates in drug discovery programs, with surface plasmon resonance (SPR) becoming a core technology in many pharma and biotech settings for the identification of low-affinity fragment compounds.

ForteBio has recently introduced the next generation in SPR biosensor analysis for fragments, exclusively available on Pioneer systems. This Next Generation SPR consists of OneStep® and NeXtStep™ gradient injection technologies.

Download this application note to learn about ForteBio's Next Generation SPR, including:

  • Fragment screening with OneStep and NeXtStep Injection techniques
  • Comparison of OneStep and conventional SPR in FBDD
  • Advantage of OneStep Injections
  • NeXtStep direct competition fragment assay
  • Plus much more...